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Why Wood Counter Tops?

Real wood counter tops have been around for centuries, they add character and warmth to a house or kitchen along with being very low maintenance. Wood has natural warmth and is inviting to touch. While nicks and dings add character over time, they can be sanded out with a little light sanding and then re-0coted with a finish. the new adhesives and finishes we have available today make even under-mount sinks and stoves possible.

What Species of Wood is Best For Counter Tops?

For many years the only commercially available wood counter tops were made from hard Maple. Today you are limited only by your imagination. Trees with broad leaves are considered hard woods and trees with needles are considered soft woods. Common woods used in counter tops are maple, oak, pecan cherry mesquite and walnut. The harder woods are more durable and resist dings better than softer woods and have acceptable durability for normal counter top use.

What About Sinks and Water?

Sinks, especially under-mount sinks, are very common in new and updated homes and can be used with wood counter tops. The wood needs to be sealed and we use a Conversion Varnish. We apply 4 coats on both sides of the counter top and while its job is to protect the wood , it also adds a little sheen and depth to the wood. Conversion Varnish can be ordered in any sheen but by far the most common is our standard satin finish this adds to the durability to the wood, is food safe and easy to clean with soap and water.

Can I Put Hot Objects on Wood?

While placing a pot of hot soup on the counter top is fine, a hot frying pan can scorch the wood and turn it black. IF a burn mark does happen, a little light sanding is all it will take to make it good as new. As an option, we offer inset stainless steel onto the wood surface to provide a convenient place to put very hot pans next to the stove.

How Do I Clean My Wooden Counter Top?

Soap and water cleanup is all it needs. Another option is vinegar water solution. When preparing vegetables or fruits, a damp cloth will do the job. When preparing meat, fish, or diary products, clean the surface with soap and water. By the way,most people are surprised to learn that wood holds less bacteria than plastic. It's all about cleaning with soap and water!

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